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The UNIQUE Exeter event incorporated Exeter's photographic history and the world of Photography on an unprecedented scale turning Exeter's Princesshay into a giant photo studio.


James Ravilious Archive

Some of you may already be aware of the wonderful project in which we are involved with Beaford Arts in making selected examples of the famed James Ravilious archive available for the public to buy.

It proved a real labour of love for us at Focal Point, who all knew James well, to help bring his study of life in Devon to a wider audience. Scanning his original negatives and trying not to drool over the contact sheets that told us the stories surrounding his well loved and iconic images.

The scanning portion of our part in the project took us nine months to complete, with three of us rotating the task. We benefited greatly, of course, in having access to Alan Winn who spent some time printing for James and gave us unique insight into how to prepare the files just as the great man himself would want them.

The results of our efforts are available to browse and purchase here -

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Training on Colour Management for Plymouth College of Art

Dear Chas and Ken,

Just wanted to say thank-you so much for arrange and making the time to come and see the HE Photo team yesterday. I had really positive feed back from the team, and everyone loved Kens fantastic way he makes such a scary subject so much more interesting yet keep us all captivating.

I hope you all have a cracking Christmas break.
All the very best
Luke and all the HE Photo team.


Stuart Keegan Masterclass at Plymouth College of Art

Monday 12th November saw Focal Point Imaging supporting Stuart Keegan at Plymouth College of Art, as he unravelled the dark arts of the darkroom with the students.

Harman/Ilford generously sponsored the event with materials so the students could experience the whole range of quality darkroom papers. If you feel that your College, University or group would like to have similar event then contact Chas on 01392 496066 or email : chas@focalpointimaging.co.uk

" The Ilford darkroom master class hosted by Stuart Keegan is a fantastic opportunity for our students to work along side an experience practitioner; enhancing their craft skills of silver based processes and techniques.
Stuart's wealth of knowledge leaves students hanging on every word, captivated by his knowledge and guidance. Stuart has enlightened our students with his simplistic but accurate approach to split grade printing, allowing our students to gain the most from their Ilford materials. Having Stuart visit Plymouth College of Art has been a rewarding experience and guaranteed to rekindle student's passion for the analogue processes."

Luke Broadway
Equipment Resource Centre Manager & Photographic Studio Coordinator 
Plymouth College of Art

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Bridgewater College Ilford Master class with Stuart Keegan

In early July Focal Point organised another successful Ilford darkroom Masterclass for technical and teaching staff, which was attended by over 20 people from various degrees of knowledge from various parts of the country.

Bridgewater College was the venue this time for its close proximity to the M5 corridor, which attracted 5 staff from Bridgend College in Wales. Stuart Keegan master printer presented his unique print map system, which takes the print through a sequence of steps to very easily produce quality images. It was very entertaining to see these members of staff quickly revert back to students, enjoying the experience, asking questions, comparing results and generally having a good time whilst renewing themselves with the pleasure of the darkroom.
A good lunch then back into the dark with Fibre based papers and fine arts papers, slowing down the process, but the end results were speaking for themselves.

A great day, more events planned, Plymouth College of Art will be the next venue in November, if you want more information or feel you would like to host an event then contact Chas on 01392 496066 for details.

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Coombeshead Darkroom

As part of Art and Photography course running at Coombeshead Academy the darkroom had become very important and with only 4 basic enlargers, things were getting very tight. The decision to expand gave Chas the opportunity to shop around and find 6 top quality enlargers with a vast range of accessories that would not have normally fitted within the budget.
Suitably installed as part of the deal, all the students could not wait to try the new kit, leaving the old enlargers looking rather sad and neglected, these older enlargers have now been re-furbished giving the facility 10 working enlargers. If you are looking to up grade, refurbish tired darkrooms then give Chas a call on 01392 496066 for advice and a quote.

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Epson Feed Guide

A corporate customer contacted us because they were having big issues with feeding large quantities of card through an Epson 9800 44” printer. They were experiencing skew and sliding issues, once we had seen the problems first hand an immediate solution of fixing guides to feed the card as you would on a desktop was adopted.

After a couple of designs and re-designs a prototype was fitted and it worked first time, in fact it is still fitted to the printer. Such was the success that a two new printers were purchased and converted to this solution to help with the increased volume of work.

So not only supply, but total support even outside the box is all part of the service provided by Focal Point, speak to Ken or Chas on 01392 496066 the worst they can say is no!

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